Slim edge-lit frames are one of the most eye-catching and stylish signage options available in the industry. Powered by bright and energy-efficient LEDs, these frames offer the most comprehensive selection of customized illuminated signage. Show off any logo, graphic or image on a professionally built edge-lit frame and generate the most impact a sign can do!

Industries of all types from fuel stations to department stores used Illuminated signs. With such an impact that Illuminated signs have there is always the need to get proper permitting to install such signage.

To see the benefit of Illuminated signs, look around. Everyone from “big box” companies to smaller businesses use illuminated signs for a greater impact- day or night.. Signarama can provide your company with a site survey, discuss your needs, and what you are looking to accomplish with your Illuminated signs; then give you an expert recommendation based on your building.

Interior Illuminated signs are of great benefit when used in airports, malls, and office buildings for directory signs and advertisements.

Nothing makes more of an impact than illuminated signs, both day and night! Let our sign experts help you find the illuminated signage that meets your needs and budget.

Note: Products & services may not be available at all Signarama store locations.

Slim Edge-Lit Signs

Edge-lit signs have a unique leading-edge technology that utilizes LED (Light Emitting Diode) lamps to illuminate graphics in an attractive flat panel format and low power consumption.


  • Durability: There are no moving parts to break. All solid state displays are manually constructed from rigid plastics and LED lamps.
  • Installation: Plug in. Turn On. Simple.
  • Long Life with Low or No Maintenance: Depending on application and environment, our products could receive up to 10 years of consistent brightness with no bulbs or ballasts to change. All LEDs used in these signs are the longest lasting available and there is no need to use abrasive cleansers.
  • Energy Efficiency and Ultra-Brightness: A typical illuminated sign draws an average of only 18 watts of power, and operating costs are low using a 12-volt system (up to 5X as much for neon). Our state-of-the-art LED technology offers incredible quality, brightness and durability. Little to no heat is generated during operation and our LED’s utilize up to 90% less energy than neon or fluorescent.
  • Versatility: The extensive and in-depth process of mixing and matching of colors to replicate your brand image is unparalleled, and the unique flexibility with shape and thin display gives a streamlined appearance with no bulky housing.
  • Interior/Exterior: Slim edge-lit signage can be utilized in both indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Scalability: All of your quantity needs will be met, whether you need 1, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000 or more units.
  • Fast Shipping: All offered edge-lit signs are manufactured and shipped locally within the USA.